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About Us

There are many ways to develop affection for the fascination and beauty of jewellery.

Despite her German origins, ALEXANDRA BELLINGER chose to start off her career in the world of jewellery far beyond her native frontiers, thus profiting from the richness of different cultures. With great attentiveness she absorbed the environments she enjoyed during her studies of jewellery design and gemmology in the United States, Paris, Hamburg, Bangkok and Madrid and her extensive travelling.

Due to her visual sensitivity, these experiences are now reflected in her creations. Some pieces are decidedly urban; elegant: precious stones, mixed with yellow, pink or white gold. Other pieces draw their inspiration boldly from nature and from objets trouvés and fine art curiosities. "When I design a piece of jewellery, I do not relate to any kind of fashion. I pretend to create something timeless and important by itself and in relation with the person who wears it."

One of her outstanding designs is the long "Bommellang" necklace, made of multiple strands of freshwater pearls or coral beads, terminating in two gold spheres applied with delicate gold wirework.

In October 1990 she opend her jewellery shop in Madrid, representing international jewellery designers until 1992, when she launched her first own jewellery collection. At that time ALEXANDRA BELLINGER started to strengthen her international recognition by organizing sales exhibitions of her most recent collections around Europe and the Unite States.

In May 1997 ALEXANDRA BELLINGER decided to move from Madrid to London, with a new show-room located in Walton Street, Chelsea, where she continues to offer a discreet, personal service for buyers of her highly original jewellery. She makes private appointments with her clients and has built up her reputation by word of mouth.

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