Large charm bracelet with antique clock faces

A one-of-a-kind eye catching charm bracelet with 5 original antique clock faces mounted in 18kt yellow gold and set against 

5 different hard-stone discs made of Turquoise, Malachite, Carneol, Lapis Lazuli and Moos-Agate, attached to a hand-crafted  18kt belcher chain bracelet.
In the centre of each clock face shines a precious stone cabochon mounted in gold.

Price: £2,950

LargeCharmBraceletWithAntiqueClockFaces LargeCharmBraceletWithAntiqueClockFaces2 LargeCharmBraceletWithRoughCoralBranches GoldBraceletWithGarnetsAndDiamonds GoldAndSteelWristWatchWithABordeauxColouredCrocodileLeatherBracelet GoldWristWatchWithAChestnutBrownCrocodileLeatherBracelet

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