Large Bomellang necklace with antique crystal pendeloques

Wrap, twist, tie or drape. The possibilities and style are endless with this original design.

Many have copied this 'open necklace', but Alexandra Bellinger can claim to be the originator.

At either end of an over one meter length of faceted Citrine bead strings hang two cognac coloured antique crystals mounted in 18kt yellow gold

Price: £1,750

LargeBomellangNecklaceWithAntiqueCrystalPendeloques LargeBomellangNecklaceWithCarneolBeadsAndSilverGiltSpheres GoldChainNecklaceWithRiverStonePebble GoldChainNecklaceWithNobleCoralBranchPendant GoldChainNecklaceWithTurquoiseGlobePendant GoldLlinkChainWithBlueTopazCrossPendant PureTurquoiseBeadNecklace

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