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Malachite pumpkins

A beautiful and original pair of cuff-links, made out of hand carved Malachite beads in the shape of a pumpkin on each side.

The Malachite being of a saturated dark green colour with a beautiful naturally striped lighter green pattern running through it.

One side measures 14 mm in diameter, the other smaller bead 9 mm.

The two beads are joined together by an 18kt gold oval link belcher chain.

This kind of cufflink can be made to order in a variety of precious or semi precious stones of your choice.

Price: £725

MalachitePumpkins GoldCufflinksWithGreenTourmalineCabochons GoldCufflinksWithFancyColouredTourmalineCabochons GoldLentilWithLapisLazuliAndCitrine GoldSpheresWithMoonstone ShimmeringMoonstoneOvalsSetInGold
SilverCufflinksWithBlueTopaz CarneolPumpkins LapisLazuliPumpkins RedCoralCufflinks LapisLazuli

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