Jewellery designed by ALEXANDRA BELLINGER demonstrates a favorable combination of modern and antique techniques within a design marked by simplicity and the language of distant cultures, result of the continuous travels and experiences lived throughout her professional career in the world of jewellery.

All her creations are characterized by the symphony of colours, the variety of shape and the delicate composition of beautiful precious stones and precious metal. Most of her jewels are unique pieces.

Alchemist of colours, volumes and textures, the passion for her profession is as profound as her interest dedicated to the components of her creations: Gold; polished, mat or hammered, sometimes replaced by white or rosé gold and occasionally by silver.

As for the stones, she selects them carefully and prefers, apart from rubies, sapphires and emeralds, especially tourmaline, for the great variety of colours it offers, aquamarine and the familly of quartzes, like rock-crystal or smoky quartz, apart from coral, turquoise and pearls.

"After becoming more and more familiar with the knowledge of gemmology, I developed a strong sensibility towards precious gem-stones. The purchase of a gem turns out to be a true seduction, as each one has it's own history."

Different volumes and features of great subtility fuse to create the final piece: A jewel made for a woman with aestetic sensibility and individual taste.

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